Passion is the difference between having a job and having a career.

Bio Gig is about passion. And what is more worthy of our passion and efforts than our planet. Passion for the planet is higher than ever before but building a sustainable career is not always so simple. Bio Gig aims to facilitate connections between sustainable companies and passionate individuals looking to dedicate their careers to the environment.

All jobs posted on Bio Gig either come from environmentally-focused companies or from companies with open positions relating to sustainability. Because making the right choice fro your career shouldn’t mean sacrificing the environment. Combine your passion for the environment with your unique expertise for the greater good of all.

Why Us?

Did you know that the environmental impact of the digital industry is on par with that of the aviation industry? Or that for every second you browse the web, there are emissions generated. And that of the nearly 8 million data centers, most run on non-renewables. The internet is one of the most rapidly expanding sources of emissions today.

At Bio Gig, we are conscious of our impact and aim to minimize our footprint. To do so, we partner with an EPA approved green host and use carbon offsets. Our site is actually carbon negative!

For Employers

For employers, recruiting top talent is an absolute must. The ideal candidate is more than just professionally qualified. They are passionate about your company’s mission. Getting connected to these candidates is the key. Bio Gig aims to connect environmentally-responsible companies with students and professionals who care just as much as you do.

Connect with an extensive network of students and professionals looking for companies just like yours. Post your job openings on Bio Gig today.